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August 20, 2018 2 min read

Montra MX has been working hard to develop the motocross industry's next top gear line available. For countless days of fabric testing, flexibility and stitching quality, breathability and design, to gear testing days at local tracks and fmx ramps. The MX-1 gear set offers all of the leading gear industry's gear features and quality at a more affordable price. Images below show team rider Taka Higashino practicing for Xgames in his new first edition MX-1 gear in Black and White.


The Montra MX-1 Gloves has a simple slip-on design and ultra lightweight construction, the MX-1 Glove offers protection and control at its minimalistic best. The top of the glove uses stretch fabric for a superior fit and optimal dexterity. lightweight durability with an emphasis on breathability and bar feel. Finally, silicone printing on the fingertips provides a non-slip grip and total control of the levers.


The Montra MX-1 Pants has are built on a Stretch Nylon chassis, the pant provides unparalleled mobility, an ultra-lightweight feel, and industry-leading durability. The MX-1 Pants are one of the very few in the industry that feature a zipper pocket. The pants have a streamlined fit for less drag and improved movement on the bike. The lower leg uses an extremely lightweight and breathable elastic material for unmatched comfort and breathability inside the boot.


The Montra MX-1 Jersey has top of the line durability, comfort, motion, and breathability. The result is a high-performance jersey that keeps you dry and moving freely. Vented sides and vented polyester provide superior breathability, keeping you cool during motos.

  Here at Montra MX we are consistently manufacturing, testing, and producing the best gear possible. Our gear is top of the line with comfort, flexibility, durability and design. Keep an eye out for Montra at the track and at all upcoming moto events. We are the next big brand in the moto industry. Stay tuned for many new designs to come!

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